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Pair of Ball Bearing Runners 125Kg - WITH RAIL LOCK

Pair of Ball Bearing Runners 125Kg - WITH RAIL LOCK


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 Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Drawer Runner set,  WITH RAIL LOCK *Screw Fixing, Rated at 125kg per pair , 3 stage Full extension, no Extension loss ,  18.7mm +-0.2 thick x 53mm,.
The rail lock lever does extent approx. 30mm beyond the closed length of the runners. 

  • Positive lock.Lock-out function ensures drawer remains stable while accessing contents, Lock-in function keeps vehicular compartments secure during transit, preventing drawer roll-out under harsh conditions such as vibration or impact. The mechanism resists disengaging when subjected to side-to side racking. Lock release latch located at the front of the slide controls both lock-in and lock-out functions. Lock release latch is coated with a safety blue finish in a durable soft plastic. The latch is highly visible, yet also easily identified by touch. This allows users to quickly locate the latch, even when reaching around large trays or drawers.

Have a look at this video from Scott Brown with a solution to open the drawer with one hand. Thanks Scott for the tip (Start at 25 seconds in

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