• $ 169.95

    1 x set 1000mm Heavy Duty Drawer Runner,Top European Brand, *Single extension *100Kg Rating *Steel *Galvanised *4 x Ball Bearing mounted Steel rollers *Stay Close feature *Screw Fixing *Extension loss 165mm 

    $ 169.95
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  • $ 255.00

    1 X SET 1100MM , Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Drawer Runner,3 stage Full extension * Rated at 270Kg per pair @450mm reducing to 98Kg extended *Screw Fixing,These are a heavy weight item, 19.2mm wide x 76mm high, 2.5mm thick steel x 12Kgs/per set *no Extension loss ,meaning they double in length when opened,

    $ 255.00
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  • $ 135.00

    20 sets, White, Steel Drawer runners 250mm,30Kg rating, Part extension, Self closing bottom mount, suitable for box type drawers or pullouts, Top European Brand

    $ 135.00
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  • $ 25.95
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    1 x set 400mm 45 Kilo rating full extension drawer runner, side mount, Top European Brand, These will enable your drawer to glide smoothly and open to double the length of the closed size, Top Quality European brands, superior in quality and cannot be compared to other similar looking cheaper products that could be available

    $ 25.95
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  • $ 29.95

    1 x set 350mm 45 Kilo rating full extension soft close drawer runner, side mount, Top European Brand, 50mm extension loss due to the soft close mechanism that is installed in them, total extended length would be twice the closed length less 50mm, they will shut on their own at about 60mm out from close, prevents the drawer from being slammed shut and...

    $ 29.95
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  • $ 1.96

    1 only Slat bed flexible pocket 84mm x 46mm , flexible, Press fitting These are used in the manufacture of beds worldwide

    $ 1.96
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  • $ 5.95

    1 x 110 degree FULL overlay Soft close hinge complete with new fully adjustable 3 way mounts,: Nickel plated steel Featuring an integrated one way damper in the hinge arm • Adjusting facility: Depth: -1 - +3 mm Height: -2 - +2 mm Lateral: +2 mm • For door thickness: 14-26 mm • Opening angle: 110º-,.Installation sheet and advice available on purchase

    $ 5.95
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  • $ 3.49

    1 x Easy mount flush fitted 90 degree hinges, unlike the normal concealed hinge you don’t have to bore a hole to fit them,.. 97mm x 42mm overall , door thickness from 16mm, panel 16-22mm, screw fixing spring loaded, Galvanized finish, adjustable plus you can set these up for full, half or inset fitting, ,.Installation sheet and advice available on purchase

    $ 3.49
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  • $ 3.95

    1 x Top Quality European Brand 110 degree Full Overlay hinge and mount, ,Steel cup and hinge arm,Nickel-plated finish. Three dimensional adjustment, Lateral adjustment continuously from –1.5 mm to +4.5 mm,Height adjustment from –2 mm to +2 mm, Depth adjustment of -0.5 to +2.8mm. Drilling 35mm wide x 12.5mm deep cup, automatic closing spring,.Installation...

    $ 3.95
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  • $ 2.35

    1 x Complete individual Foot, [1 x item], Latest design of Multi Fit foot, Plastic, strong , are fully adjustable,90mm to 180mm, 150Kg load rating Quality leading Brand made in NZ, far superior than the older cheaper foot available use in place of wooded plinths on your cabinets and reduce the time it takes to set them up, Toe board clips available...

    $ 2.35
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  • $ 0.95

    1 x item, Plastic toe board clips, just cut a slot in the back of your toe kick board and press them in before clipping the completed unit into place or if you prefer draw a line and screw them on, your choice, freight will be credited back to your account when purchased in conjunction with the feet

    $ 0.95
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  • $ 7.75

    1 x set, White, Steel Drawer runners 250mm,30Kg rating, Part extension, Self closing bottom mount, suitable for box type drawers or pullouts, Top European Brand

    $ 7.75
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  • $ 13.95

    1 X only mini Pushlock Dead bolt with holding latch,Striker included "Metal components within a plastic shell, SILVER matt finish,, • Backset D: 25 mm • Locking direction: Left and right • Locking system: With push button locking • 78mm x 45mm base complete with rosette 24.5mm x 10.7mm ,...13mm to 19mm fronts,

    $ 13.95
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  • $ 7.95

    1 x set 182mm Ball bearing drawer slides, galvanized steel, 10kg load 17mm rebate, 182mm long x 17mm wide x 10mm deep, This runner is for drawers that are 185mm deep to 274mm deep, It is however physically only 182mm long and has an extension loss of 76mm,(this is what is left supported in the runner housing) the internal slider extends from both ends

    $ 7.95
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  • $ 89.00

    15 x Plain Wooden Single Bed slat 910mm long x 53mm wide,x 8mm Birch wood, laminated 5 layer, FLAT laminated , strong with rounded edges, lacquered finish , can be cut to fit,.. These are used in the manufacture of beds worldwide1 x set 15 only Wooden single Bed slat

    $ 89.00
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